101 Best Things to Do in Seattle (The Ultimate List!)

101 Best Things to Do in Seattle

I grew up in the Seattle area, and I love sharing the Emerald City with friends, family, and readers of this blog. Whether it’s strolling through Pike Place Market or ascending the Space Needle, the city offers so many unique experiences. In addition to some of those well-known activities, there are dozens of lesser-known activities … Read more

Where to Find the Best Views of Seattle (10 Viewpoints)

best views of Seattle ferry from Bainbridge Island

Seattle, known as the Emerald City because of its year-round greenery, has a truly beautiful skyline. If you’re visiting the city for the first time, or even if you’re from Seattle, you’ll definitely want to visit locations that have the best views of Seattle. I grew up in Seattle and am sharing my list of … Read more

All About WhirlyBall: One of the Best Group Activities

WhirlyBall in Seattle Edmonds

If you’ve never played WhirlyBall before, imagine playing a sport that involves bumper cars, basketball, and lacrosse. While driving a bumper car, you will wield a shortened lacrosse “scooper” and try to pass a whiffle ball back and forth with your teammates. The goal is to score a “basket” by tossing the ball at a … Read more

25 Activities for Kids in Seattle (Complete Guide)

Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle is known for frequent rain, freshly-brewed coffee, and coastal vibes. Seattle is also the headquarters for big name companies such as Amazon and Starbucks. Seattle also happens be a great city to visit with kids. There are numerous opportunities to visit markets, beaches, parks, museums, and theaters. I grew up in the Seattle area … Read more