Vancouver’s Most Instagrammable Spots for Perfect Photos

Grouse Mountain

Vancouver BC is a stunning coastal city with lots to do, see, and eat! Chances are, you’ll want to take plenty of photos to document your trip when you visit. Whether you’re a tourist or professional photographer, you’ll want to know exactly where to go to see some of Vancouver’s best places. We’ve created this … Read more

Best Places to Eat in Vancouver (Ultimate List)

best places to eat in Vancouver

Vancouver BC is a foodie’s paradise. The coastal city has strong coffee and an international presence. One of the things we really appreciate about eating in Vancouver is that there is an emphasis on using sustainable food practices. During our many trips to Vancouver, we’ve noticed three culinary areas that especially stand out: Spectacular seafood: … Read more

30 Things to Do in Vancouver on a Rainy Day (Complete Guide!)

things to do in vancouver on a rainy day

Vancouver BC is famous for a lot of things, including its architecture, parks, culinary scene, and of course, its rain! The city receives approximately 146 centimeters of rain annually. (North Vancouver, which is closer to the mountains, receives an estimated 252 centimeters!) Vancouver receives even more rain than my hometown of Seattle (also famous for … Read more

How to Travel from Seattle to Vancouver (And Vice Versa!)

travel from seattle to vancouver

Seattle and Vancouver are two major travel destinations off the Pacific Coast. These two coastal cities have many things in common, such as heavy rainfall, mild climates, and lots of outdoor recreational opportunities. Although they are only 143 miles (231 kilometers) apart, they are located in two separate countries: the United States and Canada. If … Read more

How to Spend a Weekend in Vancouver BC (Two Day Itinerary)

weekend in vancouver two day itinerary

Vancouver BC is one of our favorite cities in the world. The food, culture, and natural beauty surrounding the city are unparalleled. Vancouver is known as: The City of Glass (due to its numerous glass buildings), Rain City (because it rains so much there), and Hollywood North (because it’s the third-largest film industry in North … Read more

What to See at the Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium has been a primary attraction in Vancouver BC since 1956. It was Canada’s first public aquarium. Since its opening, it has served over 40 million visitors. Each year, over a million people visit the aquarium. Unfortunately, the Vancouver Aquarium was closed for an entire year due to the covid pandemic. Thankfully, it … Read more

Best Things to Do at Granville Island Public Market (Full Guide)

Granville Island Public Market

One of our favorite weekend getaways from Seattle is a trip to Vancouver BC. But it wasn’t until our last trip that we finally visited Granville Island Public Market. The market is basically Vancouver’s version of Pike Place Market, so we had to check it out! (Pike Place Market happens to be one of our favorite places… we … Read more