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Our Review of Kuhl’s Travel Pants, Jackets, and More!

Last Updated on February 5, 2024 by Kelly

As frequent travelers, we know the importance of packing clothing items that are versatile and that can withstand tough conditions. The clothing company KÜHL focuses on performance items that are made for the outdoors. We personally own 10 products from KÜHL, including pants, jackets, and shirts. In this post we’re sharing our full review!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Several of the products from KÜHL were gifted to us in exchange for an honest review. 

*UPDATE: We like this clothing brand so much, we decided to purchase additional products using our own money. That’s a strong testament to how much we like their clothing!

If you’re in a hurry, here’s our quick overview of the products we own and our thoughts.

For women’s products, I really like the versatility of each of these pieces. All of these products have multiple uses. I wear them outdoors, traveling, and at home. Here’s my summary:

Product Name (Women’s) Why We Recommend It
Frost Parka This winter jacket converts to a back-up, which makes it so easy to transport!
Bliss Pants These pants are so comfortable. I wear them all the time.
Freeflex Roll-Up Pants These pants are durable and they comfortable. I can wear them hiking or while exploring a new city.
Aktivator Hoody This jacket keeps me warm, but I love that it is so light!
Cashmerino Shirt The fabric is super-soft and also moisture-wicking.

For men’s products, my husband really likes that each of these pieces are durable. He hasn’t noticed any fraying, holes, or damage. Here’s his summary:

Product Name (Men’s) Why We Recommend It
Slax Pants These pants look business-casual, but they are also durable for outdoor recreation.
Spekter FZ Hoody This hoody is lightweight with a flattering fit. 
Denim Klassik These jeans are so durable. They haven’t had any fraying despite a lot of use!
Wyldefire Hoody This winter jacket has excellent rain protection and keeps my husband warm.
Cashmerino Shirt The fabric is super-soft and also moisture-wicking.

Read on for a thorough review of each of these products. We also include our photos!

About KÜHL

KÜHL is a privately-owned, independent company that focuses on outdoor activities. (Because they don’t have shareholders, their focus remains entirely on the customer’s experience!) The company prioritizes ethical business practices and sustainable materials. 

KÜHL’s motto, Born in the Mountains®, reflects the rebellious approach they bring to designing their outdoor clothing. 

You can purchase KÜHL products directly from the KÜHL website. You can also find KÜHL stores at the following locations: Seattle, San Francisco, and Park City.

Our Review of KÜHL Products

At the moment we own 10 different KÜHL products, and I’ll review each of them in-depth below. I don’t often get excited about clothing, but I really do believe in this company and their products. Their clothing has been a game-changer for us when we travel and spend time outdoors. Their clothes are so comfortable I even wear them at home most days. 

KUHL best travel pants and best winter jacket

1. FROST Parka (Women’s Winter Jacket) 

I am starting this list off with the FROST Parka. I received this jacket in December. It was perfect timing to test it out for a cold winter in the Pacific Northwest.

You can watch a video of my review of the FROST Parka below. (You can see all my favorite features!)


The first thing that I noticed about this jacket from KÜHL was how light it was. All my other winter pieces from other brands are super heavy and stiff. This parka was light and very flexible. I felt like I could actually move around it.

I especially like that this winter jacket from KÜHL has extended length and ethically made. These are the types of things that really set the KÜHL brand apart from the rest!

The first time I wore this jacket it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside. There was still snowfall on the ground from a recent storm. With the wind chill, it felt much colder. When I stepped out of my home, I honestly didn’t even notice a temperature difference. I went for a short walk and I never once felt cold. Normally when I go outside, I dress in layers. I typically wear a sweater under my winter jacket, but I didn’t have to do that at all with the KÜHL Frost Parka. I just had a t-shirt on underneath and I felt completely comfortable.

This parka also keeps me dry when there is heavy rain. I’m really impressed by this jacket!

KUHL winter parka water repellant
You can see here how the jacket is water repellant… perfect for the rainy Pacific Northwest!

I used to live in Connecticut, where I often was outside in temperatures between 0 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I used to dread leaving my warm car to trek to my apartment in the winter. I wish that I could go back in time and gift myself this parka! I honestly can’t say enough good things about this jacket. It would have made such a difference for my time living on the east coast!

Kuhl Frost Parka review (best cold winter jacket)
Staying warm in 19 degree weather!

In addition to being an extremely warm jacket, this jacket is perfect for travel! Here’s why it’s an ideal travel jacket:

  • Inside the jacket, there are two straps that allow you to easily wear it off your shoulders. This is perfect for walking around the airport and not wanting to over-heat. You’ll be able to freely walk around, and then you can easily put the coat back on if you head outside again. (Or if you’re waiting on a cold jet bridge!)
  • My favorite thing about this coat is that it actually converts into a backpack! I don’t have to worry about stuffing it in my suitcase. The jacket packs right up. 
Best winter travel parka is from Kuhl
The parka folds into its own self-contained backpack!

If you’re looking for a winter jacket that travels well, I fully recommend the FROST Parka from KÜHL.

KUHL winter frost parka at Disneyland

We recently went to Disneyland in January, and this was the perfect winter jacket for the parks. I was able to easily carry it with me during the day until I needed it at night.

(I’m pictured wearing the FROST Parka in the color Blackout in size small.)

Love the outdoors? Check out this backpacking checklist before you hit the trails. Make sure you bring the 10 essentials every time!

2. BLISS Pants 


The name says it all… the BLISS Pants are pure bliss! Even though they are incredibly soft, they are made of strong and supportive fabric. These pants are tough and will last a long time. I can wear these pants on an airplane or on a strenuous hike. (I pretty much wear them every day around the house as well!)

I used to wear leggings on travel days, but I’ve gotten tired of wearing super tight clothes on flights. The Bliss Pant is exactly what I wanted: a flattering fit with a comfortable waist. I think these pants look a little more dressed-up than leggings, without sacrificing any comfort. 

I also really like that my phone can actually fit in the front pockets. For some reason, women’s clothing often has super-shallow pockets that are not useful. With the Bliss Pant, I’m able to actually carry my phone in it without worrying that it will fall out. The Bliss Pant also has a secret zip-up pocket, which is perfect for carrying cash or travel documents.

I honestly wear these pants almost every day. They are at the top of my dresser drawer. 

The Bliss line also contains a hoody, jogger, and shorts. I want the whole set!

(I’m pictured wearing the BLISS Pant in the color Black in size small.)

3. FREEFLEX Roll-up Pant 


KÜHL’s FREEFLEX Roll-up Pant are more structured than the Bliss Pants and they have more pockets. There are two front pockets, two back pockets, and two cargo pockets.

The fabric is quick-drying with a water-resistant finish. These pants also have sun protection of UPF 50+. (They were perfect for our recent trip to Florida!)

KUHL Travel Pants
Wearing my favorite pants in Florida!

I love the style of these pants. They are more elevated than wearing a legging, and I can wear them around the city. I can also wear them hiking and traveling. Because I like to travel lightly, I love that these pants have multiple uses. Whether I’m hitting the trails or standing in line at the airport, these pants have been perfect for traveling.

(I own the FREELEX Rollup Pant in the color Ganache, Relaxed Fit, in a size 6.) 

4. Slax 


My husband owns the KÜHL Slax. These pants are awesome because they are dressy enough to wear as slacks for the office or a nice event, yet they are also durable enough to wear hiking. They also offer sun protection of UPF 50.

My husband really likes the pocket space as well as the incognito cell phone pocket on the right leg. He wears these pants to work to his professional job, and these pants also travel really well. Just like my review of the FREEFLEX Rollup Pant, we love that one pair of pants can achieve multiple functions. He can wear these men’s pants to work, evening events, and outdoors. We prefer not to check bags when we travel, so packing lighter helps to keep us moving on our adventures. These are the perfect travel pant because they can be worn for a nice dinner out or on a casual stroll around a new city.

(My husband is pictured wearing the Slax pants in the color Carbon, Klassic Fit.)

5. Spekter FZ Hoody 


The KÜHL Spekter FZ Hoody comes in two styles: full-zip or pullover. My husband has the full-zip option.

The hoody is extremely lightweight. Due to its fabric design, it regulates temperature better than cotton. It has a very flattering fit, and I absolutely love this hoody on him. 

This is my husband’s go-to jacket. This is the jacket he uses to run errands, go hiking, or travel. He wears it almost every single day. It’s comfortable, durable, and looks great! He’s literally wearing it right now as I type this. 


 My husband recently purchased a pair of jeans from KÜHL. He was constantly getting holes in the knees of his old jeans, so we decided to purchase jeans from KÜHL this time. So far, they have held up great! My husband wears his KÜHL jeans almost every day. He likes the midnight-denim wash, and he said that the stretch of the denim is super comfortable. He’s owned these jeans for over a year now with near daily wear, and they still look like new!

7. Wyldefire Hoody


We recently received the Wyldefire Hoody from KÜHL. Both my husband and I really love this jacket! The one word I kept using to describe it was cool. I cant quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about this jacket that’s just plain cool! The fit is perfectly tailored and there are tons of pockets. This is my favorite jacket that he has ever owned.

The jacket is very functional. The wax-coated exterior protects against wind and rain, which is perfect for living in the Pacific Northwest. The hood has a reinforced rim, so it can actually hold up to heavy rain. My husband recently wore this jacket in 40 degree weather, and it kept him very comfortable!

My husband owns the size Medium in the color Pirate Blue. We 100% recommend this jacket to others.

My husband wearing the Kuhl Wyldefire Hoody and Kuhl jeans
My husband wearing the Wyldefire Hoody and KUHL jeans

8. Aktivator Hoody 

I absolutely love my FROST Parka, so I was really excited to receive the Aktivator Hoody. The Aktivator Hoody is now the jacket I wear during the spring and fall. I really like the reinforced hood, because it actually keeps rain out of my face.

This jacket is so lightweight it feels like air. The fabric is dynamic and I don’t feel any resistance when I move my arms. Normally I hate wearing jackets because I don’t like the feeling of my arms being constrained. However, the Aktivator Hoody is the first jacket I’ve ever owned that doesn’t give me that feeling. I wear it running, hiking, traveling, and for my day-to-day activities. I highly recommend this one!

Kelly from Our Adventure Journal wearing KUHL's Aktivator Hoody and Bliss Pants
The Aktivator Hoody is dreamy! In this photo I’m also wearing the Bliss pants.

9. Cashmerino Shirt (Men’s) 

My husband and I both own the Cashmerino shirts. The fabric of these shirts is super soft like cashmere. The shirts also have merino wool’s ability to retain warmth when it’s cold and to stay cool when it’s warm out. The Cashmerino shirts are great for our active lifestyle, but I’ll even confess that these shirts are so soft that we like to sleep in them!

My husband is wearing a size Medium in the color Moss Green. (I love this color because it really brings out the green in his eyes!) 

My husband wearing the Cashmerino t-shirt from KUHL
The Cashmerino in Moss Green

10. Cashmerino Shirt (Women’s) 

I like to wear the Cashmerino shirt as a base layer while hiking, and I often wear it for exercise as well. (It’s a great t-shirt for yoga or running!) I also often wear it as an everyday t-shirt. Our newborn baby took the best nap laying on me while I was wearing this shirt, so I can attest that it’s super soft! I’m wearing a size Small Cashmerino shirt in the color Rose Ash.

Kelly from Our Adventure Journal wearing Kuhl's Cashmerino Tee in Rose Ash
I’m wearing the Cashmerino Tee and the Bliss Pants 


Kuhl chocolate
Plus we got this bar of chocolate with our order!

Based on how much we love these products, we wouldn’t hesitate to buy anything else from KÜHL. Each one of the pieces that we’ve tried has been extremely well-made, fits nicely, and is durable.

We always aim to give an honest review, and it was really challenging for us to find any disadvantages to these products. The only disadvantage that we have seen so far is a high price point for some items. However, we also believe that the price point is a fair one due to the excellent materials, durability, and ethical business practices. In our opinion, each of these products is worth every penny. 

We definitely view our KÜHL products as investment pieces. We’ve had many of these products for over a year now. We’ve given them lots of wear and so far no tear! 

If you’re wondering whether or not you should buy a product from KÜHL, we give our full recommendation! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email. We’d be happy to give you a report on how these products are holding up. We’ve had most of them for over a year now, and we’ve done our fair share of traveling and hiking with them. No complaints so far!

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