Grandview on the Lake: Full Review of Our Stay at Lake Chelan

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Lake Chelan is one of Washington State’s most popular vacation destinations. The pristine lake is surrounded by numerous wineries, restaurants, and water activities. The Grandview on the Lake is a hotel that is conveniently located within steps of downtown Chelan. It’s also located right on the lake itself. We have personally stayed there on two occasions. In this post, we are sharing our full review of the Grandview on the Lake.

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About Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is the third deepest lake in the United States, and it’s the 26th deepest lake in the world. It’s maximum depth is 1,486 feet. It’s also a massive lake. It’s over 50 miles long! That means that there is plenty of shoreline for outdoor recreation and some pretty amazing vacation rental properties

The Lake Chelan region is especially known for its agriculture, particularly its apple orchards and vineyards! There are 14 different types of apples in the region. (You can read more about the varieties here.) And, there are over 30 different wineries you can visit!

When I was a kid, we used to spend 2 weeks in Chelan every summer. I’ve been there more times than I count!

Lake Chelan Washington

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About the Grandview on the Lake

Address: 322 W Woodin Ave, Chelan, WA 98816


Phone: (509) 888-6910

Booking Information: You can book an individual unit here with, or you can have more options when booking through the website. I also often see listings on AirBnb.

Grandview on the Lake in Chelan

Our Stay at the Grandview on the Lake

The Grandview on the Lake is one of the most popular hotels in Chelan. We have stayed in a variety of hotels, campgrounds, and vacation rentals over the years at Lake Chelan. Below, we are going to break down our review of the Grandview into two sections: Benefits and Drawbacks of staying at this location.

Please note that our review is based on our two stays during the summer months. Some amenities (like the outdoor pool) are open seasonally. 

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There’s so much I love about staying at the Grandview on the Lake.

The first, and perhaps most obvious benefit of staying here, is it’s location. The Grandview on the Lake is located directly on the lake. Many of its rooms have uplake views. (But be sure to check, because not all do!) During our last visit, our room had a balcony looking out directly to the lake. We savored each and every sunset during the trip.

Things to Do in Lake Chelan

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The Grandview is also just steps away from downtown Chelan and the Riverwalk Park. When you stay at the Grandview, you can easily walk to restaurants and wineries. You don’t have to worry about driving into town, so it’s super convenient to stay there.

Things to do in Lake Chelan

The second benefit is the fact that the Grandview on the Lake has a pool with a slide. Lake Chelan can be a pretty cold lake, so some people may prefer to swim in the pool. The website states that the pool is heated, although I will say that I personally found the pool to be pretty chilly! If you don’t want to get too cold, there’s also an outdoor hot tub.

Grandview on the Lake pool at Lake Chelan

Right next to the pool area is a bar that serves drinks and food. We really appreciated having a food option on-site, because we could spend a lazy day at the pool and not have to worry about drying off and walking into town for lunch.

Grandview on the Lake in Chelan

The Grandview on the Lake also has a sundeck and floating docks. We had a lot of fun jumping into the lake and swimming to the docks. 

Grandview on the Lake in Chelan

The other thing that we really like about this property is that there are a lot of options for accommodation sizes. The Grandview offers suites, one-bedroom condos, two-bedroom condos, and even a three-bedroom unit. We prefer to stay in the suites that have kitchens.

Grandview on the Lake in Chelan
Photo of part of our living room and balcony


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One of the major drawbacks to staying at the Grandview on the Lake is the fact that it doesn’t have a beach. Although it’s on the water, you’ll have to jump from the docks to swim in the lake. If you have a younger child that would rather play in shallow water, there’s no beach. (If you are looking for a property with a beach, you can check out the nearby Campbell’s Resort!)

Another drawback is that if you’re planning to visit during the summer months, you’ll probably need to book your reservations far in advance. They fill up fast!

Other Places to Stay in Chelan  

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What to Bring on a Trip to Chelan

When visiting Chelan, we recommend that you bring the following:

    • Flotation Lounger: The water is very cold, and it’s really nice to just sit and float for awhile!
    • Group Flotation Island: If you’re going with a group, you’ll definitely be glad you packed this one!
    • Beach Towels: Be sure to pack a few!
    • Sunscreen: During the summer it can get very hot, be sure to protect yourself.
    • Beach Toys: If you’re bringing children on your trip, this will keep them busy! We bought our daughter this set and she loved playing with it all weekend long!
    • Sun Glasses: Don’t forget sun glasses, you will need them! Bring a second pair just in case. 
    • Waterproof Pouch: If you plan on doing any water activities, protect your electronic devices.

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Summary: Our Stay at the Grandview on the Lake

Grandview on the Lake in Chelan

We really enjoyed our visit at the Grandview on the Lake. During our last trip, we booked a 2-bedroom condo and a studio room so that we had plenty of room for our whole family. We loved staying close to town, and we spent most of our afternoons at the lake and pool. I hope this article was helpful to you in planning your own trip to Chelan!

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