Our Review of the Flyaway Kids Bed

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Flying with young children can be daunting, yet completely do-able! We recently traveled with our toddler to Europe, and we were dreading the 10-hour red-eye flight. However, we were gifted the Flyaway Kids Bed, and it helped our daughter to sleep comfortably on the plane. In this post, we’re sharing our full review of the Flyaway Kids Bed.

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About the Flyaway Kids Bed

The Flyaway Kids Bed is a portable travel bed that inflates for use on airplanes. (See their website for a full list of airlines that have approved use of the Flyaway Kids Bed.) The Flyaway Kids Bed meets the International Air Transport Association’s guidelines for inflight comfort devices.

The bed comes with a hand pump, and it only takes 90 seconds or so to fully inflate the bed. The bed comes with a second compartment that you can pump to make sure that the bed fits snugly against the seat. It’s also very easy to deflate.

I also recommend that you follow their Instagram account. They frequently post stories about parents flying with young children, and it’s inspiring to see other parents traveling successfully with younger kiddos!

Where to Buy the Flyaway Kids Bed

You can purchase the Flyaway Kids Bed directly from their website. (Linked here.)

Our Review of the Flyaway Kids Bed

Review of the Flyaway Kids Bed

We used the Flyaway Kids Bed on our 10-hour flight to Europe. After the initial ascent, we easily inflated the bed for our daughter. It took only a couple of minutes, and it gave her more space to play on the plane.

She enjoyed sitting on the bed even before it was time to fall asleep. The bumpers on the side contained her toys, so we didn’t have to constantly pick up toys dropping on the ground. 

When it was time for sleep, the bed gave her more space to comfortably fall asleep. Our 3-year-old daughter was almost too big to use the bed, but she was able to curl up and sleep fairly comfortably on it. We think this bed would be absolutely perfect for toddlers!

When it was time to put the bed away, it was easy to deflate and re-pack in our carry-on luggage. The product weighs less than 3 pounds, and is only 10 inches by 10 inches when it’s deflated.

Flyaway Kids Bed Review

The Flyaway Kids Bed was super easy to use, and we are a fan of any product that will help ensure a good night’s rest on a red-eye flight!




The Flyaway Kids Bed is a convenient option to help young children sleep comfortably on long plane rides. We found the product easy to use, and we appreciated the fact that we could easily pack it in our carry-on luggage. We personally enjoyed using this product, and we would recommend it to others!


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