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Our Review of the Flyaway Kids Bed

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We recently completed a 10-hour red-eye flight with our daughter, and the Flyaway Kids Bed made the airplane ride a breeze! This inflatable bed converted our child’s airplane seat into a more comfortable space for sleeping. I was able to inflate it easily on the plane, and my daughter was able to stretch out and sleep comfortably. In this post, we’re sharing our full review of the Flyaway Kids Bed, as well as everything you need to know about using it on an airplane.

Disclosure: I was gifted the Flyaway Kids Bed in exchange for an honest review. This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

About the Flyaway Kids Bed

The Flyaway Kids Bed is a portable travel bed that easily inflates for use on airplanes. It’s perfect for little kids to get comfortable on long-haul flights. The Flyaway Kids Bed meets the International Air Transport Association’s guidelines for inflight comfort devices.

The Flyaway Kids Bed official website has a full list of airlines that have approved its use. For example, Delta airlines is an airline that has approved the Flyaway Kids Bed. 

You can purchase the Flyaway Kids Bed directly from their official website.

Tip: We think it’s a good idea to print out the list of approved airlines in advance of your trip. If a flight attendant has questions about it, you can then easily show them its accepted use.


The Flyaway Kids Bed is compact and easy to pack for travel. I was able to add it to my personal item bag.

  • Weight: 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg)
  • Dimensions when Deflated: 10in x 10in (25cm x 25cm)
  • Dimensions when Inflated: 31.5in x 19.5in (80cm x 50cm)
  • The Flyaway Kids Bed adjusts to fit comfortably in economy seats, premium economy seats, and bulk-head seats. It cannot be used in an emergency exit row or an aisle row. Be sure to use it in a window seat or a center seat.

Because the Flyaway Kids Bed is so compact when it’s deflated, we were able to easily pack it into our carry-on backpack. 

flyaway kids bed inflated

How to Use It

  1. We first pumped it up at home so that we were comfortable with the process before we even boarded a plane. (When we set it up at home, our daughter immediately called it a “slide” and was super excited to have it on the plane.) We left it inflated overnight to air it out. 
  2. When we boarded our flight, we placed it under the seat in front of us. That way, it was easy to grab it once we reached cruising altitude.
  3. Once we reached cruising altitude and the seatbelt sign was turned off, I inflated the Flyaway Kids Bed. While I inflated it, I had to move my child out of the way so that I could fully inflate it. I was traveling with my husband, so we just had our daughter sit on his lap for a minute or two. 
  4. The Flyaway Kids Bed comes with a hand pump. The bed has two valves, and all I had to do was quickly pump air into the first valve and then the second valve. The pump was not loud, so it’s fairly discreet to blow it up while on the plane.
  5. I then placed my child on the bed and made sure they were comfortable. I made sure to fasten the seatbelt. 
  6. When we were getting ready to land, I deflated the bed before it was time to descend the plane. The Flyaway Kids Bed deflated very easily and quickly. 

We also recommend that you follow the Flyaway Kids Bed Instagram account. They frequently post stories about parents flying with young children, and it’s inspiring to see other parents traveling successfully with younger kiddos!

Our Review of the Flyaway Kids Bed

Review of the Flyaway Kids Bed
She slept so comfortably… I was jealous!

We used the Flyaway Kids Bed on our 10-hour flight to Europe. After the initial ascent, we easily inflated the bed for our daughter. It took only a couple of minutes, and it gave her more space to play on the plane.

She enjoyed sitting on the bed even before it was time to fall asleep. The little bumpers on the side of the Flyaway Kids Bed contained her toys, so we didn’t have to constantly pick up toys that dropped on the ground. She was very comfortable sitting on the Flyaway Kids Bed.

When it was time for sleep, the Flyaway Kids Bed gave her more space to comfortably fall asleep. Our 3-year-old daughter was almost too big to use the bed, but she was able to curl up and sleep fairly comfortably on it. We think this bed would be absolutely perfect for younger toddlers! We wish we would have gotten it sooner. (But we’re excited to use it when our second child is old enough!)

When it was time to put the bed away, it was easy to deflate and re-pack in our carry-on luggage. 

Flyaway Kids Bed in bag
You can see how big the bag is relative to my hand



(These are our personal opinions.)

  1. At under 3 lbs, the Flyaway Kids Bed was lightweight and compact. We were able to easily store it in our carry-on backpack for our flight.
  2. Our daughter approved of the Flyaway Kids Bed! She thought it was amazing, and it made the flight more fun for her.
  3. It was easy to inflate. It didn’t take much time at all, and it wasn’t hard to maneuver. In just a couple of minutes, we had a comfortable sleeping space set up.
  4. It can be used for regular sitting too. Our daughter comfortably sat on it and played with her toys for the first few hours of our flight. 
  5. The little bumpers on the side kept toys from rolling onto the ground. I didn’t have to constantly reach under our seats to retrieve fallen toys. (Major win!)
  6. It creates a comfortable sleeping space. Our daughter slept on our flight, and we were grateful for that!
  7. The Flyaway Kids Bed is easy to deflate. It didn’t take much time at all to pack it back up.


(These are our personal opinions.)

  1. The Flyaway Kids Bed is an additional travel expense. 
  2. I had to make sure that our child could comfortably lay down on the Flyaway Kids Bed. Our daughter was 3 years old when we got the bed, and she is pretty tall for her age. She was almost too big to use it comfortably. 
  3. The bed is fairly small, but it still took up a decent amount of space in our carry-on personal item.

Our Verdict

Pros Cons
Lightweight (Under 3 lbs) Additional expense
Easy to inflate Make sure your child is not too big or too small for it
Can be used for sitting or sleeping Takes up room in carry-on luggage
The side bumpers kept toys from rolling on the ground  
Provided a comfortable sleeping space  
Easy to deflate  


The Flyaway Kids Bed is a convenient option to help young children sleep comfortably on long plane rides. At under 3 pounds, it easily fits into carry-on luggage. The Flyaway Kids Bed takes less than two minutes to inflate, and it deflates easily. It allows young children to lay down horizontally on their plane seat to fall asleep.

The Flyaway Kids Bed was super easy to use, and we are a fan of any product that will help ensure a good night’s rest on a red-eye flight! We personally enjoyed using the Flyaway Kids Bed, and we would recommend it to others!

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Flyaway Kids Bed Review
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