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Palisade is a waterfront restaurant located in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. The restaurant has a stunning location, with views of Elliott Bay, the Elliott Bay Marina, and even the Space Needle in the distance. Palisade is an elegant restaurant that specializes in seafood and Northwest cuisine. I’ve visited the restaurant several times over the years, and I’m excited to share my full review of the Palisade restaurant in Seattle.

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Palisade Restaurant in Seattle, front entrance

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Important Information About Palisade

Address: 2601 W Marina Pl, Seattle, WA 98199

Website: https://www.palisaderestaurant.com/

Price Point: $$$$

Reservations: Recommended


Palisade Restaurant in Seattle 

How to Get to Palisade


Palisade is located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle with direct views of Smith Cove.

The restaurant has large windows with views of the Elliott Bay Marina directly in front of it. 

Palisade is located near the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91. The restaurant has views of Seattle across from Elliott Bay.

To reach Palisade from Downtown Seattle, you’ll head north on Elliott Ave W and turn left onto the Magnolia Bridge Ramp. Instead of going all the way up the Magnolia Bridge, you’ll take the exit to the Elliott Bay Marina. You’ll then follow 23 Ave W and W Marina Pl to Palisade. Palisade is less than 4 miles from downtown Seattle.

After your meal, you can walk along the Elliott Bay Marina and enjoy the views!

View from Palisade Restaurant in Seattle
You can even see the Space Needle in the distance! (Photo taken inside the restaurant.)

Our Experience Dining at Palisade

I’ve visited Palisade a handful of times, and this review will focus on our most recent visit. We visited Palisade with our extended family during their weekend lunch service.

Palisade Restaurant in Seattle
The restaurant has a beautiful water features that flows through the main lobby


Appetizer at Palisade

Our table shared the Crab Cake Benedict from the Brunch Menu as a starter. The starter contained two crab cakes, two poached eggs, house-made hollandaise sauce, tobiko, and brunch potatoes. The crab cakes were SO DELICIOUS. I might even rank them as the best crab cakes I have had in Seattle. If you visit Palisade when they’re serving brunch, I highly recommend ordering the Crab Cake Benedict.

Drinks at Palisade

Palisade has an extensive wine and cocktail menu. Our table enjoyed their wine selection, and we also tried one of their mocktails. We tried the Dragon Fizz, which was made with Reàl Cream of Coconut, Monin Dragon Fruit Syrup, fresh lime juice, pineapple juices, and soda. 

Lunch Entrees at Palisade

Our party ordered the Cedar Wrapped Salmon, Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich, Palisade Fish and Chips, Salmon and Shrimp Louie, and the Chicken Tenders from the Kids’ Menu. 

I personally ordered the Cedar Wrapped Salmon. It was easily one of the best salmon filets I have ever tasted. The salmon was thick and perfectly cooked. It was served with vegetables such as green beans and squash. (This was a slight differentiation from the listed menu vegetables, but I assume the difference was in favor of seasonal vegetables.) The only thing that I wished accompanied it was a starch.

Cedar Wrapped Salmon at Palisade

My husband ordered the Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich. The thick sandwich was filled with shaved prime rib, provolone cheese, grilled onions, arugula, horseradish crème fraîche, on a Macrina potato baguette. French fries were served on the side. My husband asked it to be served with au jus, which they easily accommodated.

Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich at Palisade

I also got the chance to try a bite of the Salmon and Shrimp Louie. The shrimp were SO good!

Salmon and Shrimp Louie at Palisade in Seattle

Service Review 

The service we received at Palisade was excellent. The restaurant staff didn’t know I was a blogger or anything like that, and they treated us all so well. Everything we asked for was easily accommodated, and we found them to be very kid-friendly as well. 

Table at Palisade in Seattle

Hotel Recommendations for Seattle


The Four Seasons Hotel Seattle is a 5-minute walk from Pike Place Market. It’s a gorgeous 5-Star hotel located centrally in downtown Seattle. The hotel has an outdoor infinity pool with a view of the Seattle waterfront, lots of amenities, and is within walking distance of a lot of Seattle attractions.

The Seattle Marriott Waterfront has views of the water, as well as an indoor-outdoor pool. Every room has a view of the mountains and water.

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We wrote an article about our favorite hotels in downtown Seattle. We go into greater detail about hotel locations, amenities, and more.

What to Pack for a Trip to Seattle

If you’re traveling to Seattle, we recommend that you pack the following:

  • Packable rain jacket (Even if rain isn’t in the forecast, the weather can change quickly. This rain jacket folds down small and can be easily packed in a bag for when you need it.)
  • Comfortable daypack (When exploring the city, you’ll want a comfortable daypack to place all of your belongings, snacks, and souvenirs.)
  • Portable charger (You’ll be using your phone for maps, navigation, and photos, so make sure you don’t run out of battery while you’re on the go. We like this one because it is slim and you don’t have to worry about packing extra cables.)
  • Insulated water bottle (This water bottle will keep your water cooler for longer.)
  • Comfortable walking shoes (When exploring a new city, you’ll be walking quite a bit. Make sure you have comfortable shoes! Brooks has been my favorite brand so far.)

(Click on any of the above images for current pricing and shipping information.)

Summary: Restaurant Review of Palisade in Seattle

I’ve dined at Palisade numerous times, and it’s a restaurant that I truly enjoy. I’ve never had a bad meal or bad service at Palisade. It’s always been a reliably good restaurant, which is why I think it’s one of the Best Restaurants in Seattle. From the meals to the service, we’ve always had a good experience at Palisade. I hope this review inspires you to give it a try!

Seating Area in Palisade

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