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14 of the Best Hotels Near the Grand Canyon

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Whether this is your first visit to the Grand Canyon or your tenth visit, it’s important to carefully choose a hotel near the Grand Canyon so that you can make the most of out of your trip. In this post, we’re sharing 14 of the best hotels near the Grand Canyon

We’ll share which hotels have the best location, which are budget-friendly, and which have air conditioning! Specifically, we’ll provide you with the best hotels in Grand Canyon Village, the best hotels in the nearby town of Tusayan, and the best hotels in the town of Williams.

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Map of the Best Hotels Near the Grand Canyon

There are a lot of choice for hotels near the Grand Canyon. We outline the hotels to consider in each of the major regions near the canyon. We have a full map of the options below as well.

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The Best Hotels Near the Grand Canyon


The hotels in Grand Canyon Village (listed below) are conveniently located within Grand Canyon National Park itself, so you won’t need to wait in the park entrance line each morning. That could save you a lot of time! The hotels in Grand Canyon Village tend to be located near the shuttle stops and visitor centers.

These hotels tend to be fully booked during peak season. We booked our trip to the Grand Canyon a couple of month in advance, and all of the hotels below were fully booked. So, if you want to stay in the Grand Canyon Village, be sure to make your reservations well in advance.

These hotels also cost more money, so you’ll have to decide if they are within your budget. Finally, there is limited WiFi at the hotels in the park. It will not be the same high-speed internet you have at home. (If you need to be on multiple Zoom meetings during your trip, you might want to consider how that would impact your trip.)

El Tovar Hotel

Address: 1 El Tovar Road, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

The historic El Tovar Hotel was built in 1905 and is full of rustic charm. El Tovar Hotel is the flagship lodge of the Grand Canyon and it was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1987. It’s the oldest still-operating hotel in Grand Canyon National Park. If you have the financial means, this is the place to stay. There are 78 rooms, with no two rooms being alike. (This adds to the charm!) The hotel is located directly by the Grand Canyon rim, so you will not be far from a view. It’s also located right next to Hopi House and Verkamp’s Visitor Center.

If you want to stay here during the summer, you will likely need to book almost a year in advance. (So get planning now!) There is a dining hall and lounge, and advanced reservations are required for lunch and dinner at the El Tovar Dining Room. (Tip: Ask for a table near the window if possible.) There is a suggested dress code, and shorts and flip-flops are highly discouraged.

Kachina Lodge

Address: 5 North Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Kachina Lodge offers a more contemporary hotel stay near the Grand Canyon. If you stay at this lodge, you will actually check-in at the El Tovar front desk. (Kachina Lodge is located right next door.)

The coloring of this hotel is meant to mimic the colors of the Grand Canyon itself. The Kachina Lodge is conveniently located in the center of the historic district, and it’s within walking distance to the Rim Trail and the Bright Angel Trail Head. If you’re planning on doing a lot of hiking, staying here is a great choice. (Tip: Ask for a canyon-side view instead of a street view.) There are no restaurants within this lodge and there are no microwaves, but it’s just a quick walk to many dining options. 

Thunderbird Lodge

Address: 7 North Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

If you’re planning on visiting the Grand Canyon with kids, the Thunderbird Lodge is meant to be more family-focused. This hotel is also located directly on the canyon rim. Guests staying here will check-in at the Bright Angel Lodge front desk. Some of the rooms have partial views of the canyon, so be sure to grab a canyon-side room if you can. There are also no restaurants or microwaves at this lodge, but again, it’s a quick walk to several restaurant options. There’s no air conditioning, but they do use “evaporative coolers” to help with the heat. 

Bright Angel Lodge

Address: 9 North Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Bright Angel Lodge, built in 1935, is also a National Historic Landmark. You can stay within the lodge or one of the surrounding cabins. If you’d like, you can stay in the Buckey O’Neill Cabin (once home to one of the Rough Riders) or the Red Horse Station (previous post office). This lodge has some pretty unique characteristics. There is a fireplace in the History Room, for instance, that contains all of the rock layers of the Grand Canyon itself.

As you might guess, the Bright Angel Lodge is located right next to the Bright Angel Trailhead. If you’re planning on completing that hike, this is a convenient place to stay!

There are dining options located within the Bright Angel Lodge, one of which is Fred Harvey Burger. It’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also the Arizona Steakhouse. You’ll also find a coffee shop and saloon, so there are a lot of options here.

Yavapai Lodge

Address: 11 Yavapai Lodge Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

Yavapai Lodge is the closest hotel to Mather Point and the Mather Campground. (If you have friends or family staying at the Mather Campground, this would be a good hotel to stay at to be close by.) Yavapai Lodge is about a half mile from the canyon rim. This is the largest hotel at the Grand Canyon, with 358 rooms situated in 16 separate buildings. There is dining on-site at the Yavapai Dining Hall and the Yavapai Tavern. 

Maswik Lodge

Address: 202 South Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Maswik Lodge is a large, 280-room building complex. It’s named after a Hopi Kachina who is said to guard the canyon. There are no elevators to the second-story rooms. This hotel is located a little further from the rim, about a 10 or 15 minute walk to get there. There are dining options available at this lodge. At this hotel you’ll find the Maswik Food Court and the Maswik Pizza Pub. We ate at the Maswik Food Court after our adventure hiking the Rim Trail, and we thought it was a convenient place to grab a quick meal.

Phantom Ranch

Phantom Ranch is the only hotel that is located on the floor of the canyon itself. To get there, you will need to hike, mule, or raft. This hotel is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The hotel uses a lottery system to determine bed spaces (either dorms or cabins). You can enter the lottery up to 13 months in advance of your planned trip. You can stay there for a maximum of four nights.

Which Hotels at the Grand Canyon Have Air Conditioning?

It might be surprising, but many of the hotels at the Grand Canyon do not have air conditioning! It’s also not super-clear from some of the websites which ones have air conditioning. I called and waited on hold for 25 minutes so you don’t have to call the hotels yourself. Here’s the summary of what I found:

El Tovar: Yes, there is air conditioning.
Kachina Lodge: No, there is not air conditioning. It does have a cooling system that helps with the heat.
Thunderbird Lodge: No, there is not air conditioning. It does have a cooling system that helps with the heat.
Bright Angel Lodge: No, there is not air conditioning. There is no cooling system. Most rooms have a ceiling fan.
Yavapai Lodge: Some of the rooms have air conditioning. East Side rooms have air conditioning, West Side rooms have a ceiling fan.
Maswik Lodge: Yes, there is air conditioning. 
Phantom Ranch: Yes, there is air conditioning.


Infographic of Grand Canyon Hotels with Air Conditioning
Grand Canyon hotels with air conditioning – feel free to pin for later!

Best Hotels in Tusayan 

Tusayan is a town located just 7 miles away from Grand Canyon National Park. Tusayan is technically outside of the park’s entrance. If you stay in Tusayan, you’ll have to wait in line to enter Grand Canyon National Park each day.

We visited the Grand Canyon in June and we stayed in Tusayan ourselves. Most days we were able enter the park without waiting for more than 15 minutes. (We got an early start each morning, which I think helped to beat the crowds.)

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The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon

Address: 149 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon is the only 3-diamond hotel in the area. If you’re looking for a luxury hotel near the Grand Canyon, this is the hotel to stay at! It’s located one mile south of the Grand Canyon south entrance. There’s an indoor pool and hot tub, which is good for all seasons. 

Best Western Premier Grand Squire Inn

Address: 74 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

We personally stayed at the Best Western Premier Grand Squire Inn. What we liked about this hotel is that there are two pools and hot tubs (one that is indoor, and one that is outdoor). It was nice having an indoor pool so our daughter could swim and we didn’t have to worry about getting a sunburn. The fitness center at this hotel is large and super nice. We found that our room was a bit dated, and we were disappointed that the WiFi in our room was unreliable. We really enjoyed the pool options, though, so that made up for it! They have dining options on the property, and we really enjoyed their breakfast offerings.

breakfast at the Grand Canyon restaurant

Red Feather Lodge

Address: 300 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

The Red Feather Lodge consists of both a hotel and a motel. The lobby has been updated and there is coffee and tea available 24 hours a day. There’s a very small seasonal pool and hot tub. (I wouldn’t choose this hotel for the pool!) All of the rooms in the newly renovated hotel are deluxe. 

The Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel

Address: 406 Canyon Plaza Ln, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

The Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel has a beautiful southwestern style decor which makes it stand out from the others. They have a restaurant, lounge, and a saloon all located on-site. There is also a seasonal outdoor pool and hot tub. And thankfully, there is also an indoor year-round hot tub. (Perfect for the winter months!) They also have a seasonal free shuttle to the Grand Canyon. We think this is a beautiful and very convenient hotel. 

Best Hotels in Williams

The hotels in Williams, Arizona, are about an hour’s drive away from the Grand Canyon south rim. The hotels here will be more budget-friendly, but you will also spend more of your day driving back and forth. 

Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel

Address: 235 N Grand Canyon Blvd, Williams, AZ 86046

Located about 60 miles south from the South Rim, the benefit of staying at the Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel is getting to take the train into the park! If you decide to take the train, there are multiple car classes to suit most budgets. If you want to go big, you can even have an entire train car to yourself complete with private bar! 

The hotel has 298 rooms and was recently renovated. It’s conveniently located right next to the train depot and only a block away from downtown Williams, Arizona. There is also a pet resort at the Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel, so travelers with pets can stay there comfortably. 

Best Western Plus Inn Of Williams

Address: 2600 W Route 66 Williams, AZ 86046

The Best Western Plus Inn of Williams is a three-star hotel located amongst Ponderosa Pines. There is a seasonal outdoor pool which is perfect for the summer months.

The Lodge on Route 66

Address: 200 E Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046

The Lodge on Route 66 is a recently renovated motel. The lodge is smaller with less rooms, so you will have a more intimate experience there. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Lodging

What town is closest to the Grand Canyon?

The town closest to Grand Canyon Village is Tusayan, Arizona. Tusayan is located about 11 miles from Grand Canyon Village. The city of Williams is located about 60 miles from Grand Canyon Village. Flagstaff is the closest metropolitan area to the Grand Canyon.

What city do you stay in to visit the Grand Canyon?

If you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, we recommend that you stay either in Grand Canyon Village (located within the national park), or in the town of Tusayan (located about 11 miles from the Grand Canyon).

Is it better to stay in the Grand Canyon or outside?

We think it’s best to stay in Grand Canyon Village. You’ll already be in the national park, so you won’t have to worry about waiting in line at the park entrance each day. You’ll be steps away from the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. However, the hotels in the Grand Canyon Village book up fast and they tend to be more expensive. If you can’t find lodging at the Grand Canyon Village, we recommend that you book a hotel in the nearby town of Tusayan.

Is it worth it to stay in the Grand Canyon Village?

We think that it would be worth it to stay in the Grand Canyon Village. The advantage is that you’ll be closer to the South Rim and you’ll be able to easily access the park’s shuttle system each morning. You also won’t have to wait in line at the park entrance each day that you want to visit the Grand Canyon.

Which Grand Canyon hotels are pet-friendly?

The only pet-friendly hotel at the Grand Canyon Village is the Yavapai Lodge. 

Which hotels are located within Grand Canyon National Park?

The following hotels are located within Grand Canyon National Park south rim: El Tovar Hotel, Bright Angel Lodge, Maswik Lodge, Kachina Lodge, Thunderbird Lodge, Yavapai Lodge, and Phantom Ranch.

Which hotels in the Grand Canyon are cheap?

The most budget-friendly hotels within Grand Canyon National Park tend to be Maswik Lodge and Yavapai Lodge.

Summary: The Best Hotels Near the Grand Canyon

There are a lot of hotel options near the Grand Canyon’s south rim, and we hope this list was helpful! We truly enjoyed our experience at the Grand Canyon, and we’d go back in a heartbeat! We recommend that you choose a hotel based on location, budget, and availability. With so many unique hotels to choose from, we are sure you’ll find a hotel that will impress!

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