The Ultimate Itinerary for a Road Trip to Utah and Arizona

hoodoos at mossy cave in Bryce Canyon National Park

The American southwest is the perfect destination for a long road trip. You’ll find canyons, arches, waterfalls, and unique rock formations. We recently completed an epic 3-week road trip to Utah and Arizona. We drove 3,590 miles and spent over 50 hours on the road. The trip was everything we hoped for more and more. During … Read more

How to Spend One Day in Canyonlands National Park (Full Guide!)

road trip to utah

Canyonlands National Park is located just 26.2 miles away from Arches National Park.  We recommend that you spend at least one day at Canyonlands National Park. Although Arches National Park sees more visitors each year, Canyonlands is actually a much bigger park. (Canyonlands National Park has 527 square miles compared to 119 at Arches National … Read more