What to See at Moab Giants (Full Review!)

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Moab Giants is a dinosaur museum located in Moab, Utah. If you visit the nearby Canyonlands National Park, you can’t miss seeing Moab Giants as you follow the highway into the park. We went to check out Moab Giants when we had a free afternoon in Moab, and we so glad we did. It was one of our daughter’s favorite experiences of our entire road trip! Moab Giants is so much more than just the dinosaur museum. There are over 8 attractions in total. In this post, we’ll share our full review for Moab Giants.

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Moab Giants in Utah

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Visiting Information for Moab Giants

Address: 112 West SR-313, Moab, Utah, 84532

Moab Giants is open seasonally. Hours of operation will vary by the season, so be sure to check their website. 

We spent about two hours at Moab Giants and felt like we got a good feel for most of the attractions.

There is a cafe on-site, so you can plan to eat at Moab Giants.

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What to Bring to Moab Giants

Some of the attractions are outside, so you’ll want to bring an insulated water bottle, sun protection, and good walking shoes. If you plan on visiting the national parks as well, here’s a few things we recommend bringing: 

  • Insulated water bottle: You’ll need to stay hydrated while you’re out hiking. (You’ll need more water than you think due to the heat and strenuous exercise.) We brought an insulated water bottle to keep our water cool. There is nothing more refreshing than ice cold water at the end of a hike! 
  • Hiking boots: Don’t hike in sandals or flip flops. Proper hiking boots will protect your feet and ankles. I’ve been wearing Columbia hiking boots for years, and they’ve been great!
  • Daypack: Keep all of your snacks, safety supplies, and extra layers in a comfortable backpack.
  • Power bank phone charger: A power bank will let you re-charge your phone while you’re on the go. We use our phones all the time for navigation and for photos, so we never want to be caught with a dead battery.
  • Hiking poles: We have these hiking poles and they’ve been working great for us so far.
  • First aid kit: Anytime you’re out in the wilderness, be sure to have some basic first aid items on you. 


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Moab Giants Utah

Learn About the Dinosaurs at Moab Giants

Moab Giants is situated along the Dinosaur Diamond, which is a 512-mile long byway through Utah and Colorado. It was officially designated as a National Scenic Byway by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation in 2002. 

At Moab Giants, you will learn about dinosaurs that inhabited this region of the United States, including the Therizinosaur and the Titanosaur. 

What to See at Moab Giants

Tremendous advances to the field of paleontology (the study of fossils) have been made in Southern Utah. If you’re interested in learning about prehistoric life in Utah, you definitely have to make time in your itinerary for Moab Giants. The dinosaurs thrived for over 150 million years, so there is a lot to learn!

1. Interactive Tracks Museum

We started our visit off by visiting the museum. Here, you will see dinosaur footprints and see fossils of a variety of dinosaurs. The exhibits integrate technology to bring the past to life. The museum focuses specifically on how tracks are fossilized and discovered.

Tracks Museum at Moab Giants

2. Watch the Film at the 3D Theater

Throughout the day, Moab Giants plays a film in their 3D theater. They will provide you with 3D glasses, and you will get to learn about the history of the universe all the way until the age of the dinosaurs. It provides a good lens for viewing the rest of the park’s attractions!

3. Check Out the 5D Virtual Aquarium

Chances are you have never been to a virtual aquarium. We weren’t really sure what that was going to entail, but it turned out to be way better than we anticipated! We got to learn more about prehistoric life under the sea, which we haven’t really seen in other museums. It was also dark and cool in the aquarium, which was a nice break from the intense afternoon sun. This was easily my husband’s favorite part of our visit to Moab Giants.

Virtual Aquarium at Moab Giants

4. Walk the Dinosaur Trail at Moab Giants

Children will definitely be excited about walking the dinosaur trail. It’s a half-mile outdoor loop that contains life-size dinosaurs throughout the entire walk. There are over 100 dinosaurs on this trail! If you have a kid that likes dinosaurs, definitely bring them to Moab Giants just to see this attraction alone.

Moab Giants has several dinosaur wagons you can borrow to take around the loop. We towed our toddler around the loop and she had a fantastic time. About halfway through the loop there were restrooms and a water mister. (Perfect for a hot day!)

If you enjoyed hiking through arches and canyons, why not through a trail of dinosaurs?

Dinosaur Walk at Moab Giants

(P.S. We’ve linked this cute toddler safari hat here. The neck flap provides extra protection for the summer sun!)

5. Look for ‘Fossils’ at the Dig-It-Out Sites

At several locations within the park, there are dig-it-out sites where children can search for plastic ‘fossils’. The park provides lots of little shovels, and kids can use them to sift through the sand to find the dinosaur ‘fossils’. They are also covered to provide some protection from the sun. It’s a lot of fun for children!

dig out site at Moab Giants

6. Play at the Dino Playground

Moab Giants also has a complete playground for outdoor play. Our daughter spent a lot of time in the car on our road trip, so we tried to stop at lots of attractions and playgrounds so she could run around. It’s a great spot for kids to burn off some energy and play freely. 

7. Look at Real Dinosaur Footprints at Moab Giants

Within the park there are several exhibits of real dinosaur footprints in rocks displayed. It’s pretty awesome to see where dinosaurs once walked!

dinosaur footprint at Moab Giants

8. Visit the Paleo Camp

There is a small set-up where you can learn about a paleontologist’s life and how they camped in this area to further their work. The Paleo Camp celebrates the discoveries made by Dr. Gerald Gerlinkski and Dr. Martin Lockley in the area.

Shopping and Dining at Moab Giants

In addition to the 8 attractions listed above, there is also a cafe and a gift shop. The cafe serves items such as sandwiches, salads, wraps, and ice cream. There is outdoor and indoor seating available. The gift shop is filled with dinosaur-themed books, toys, and t-shirts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moab Giants

What are the Moab Giants?

The Moab Giants is a dinosaur museum with lots of dinosaur-related attractions. The Dinosaur Trail is a loop that has over 100 life-size dinosaurs. There’s also a virtual aquarium and 3D aquarium. Moab Giants is located in Moab, Utah, near Canyonlands National Park.

Is Moab Giants worth visiting?

We think Moab Giants is worth visiting, especially if you have young children. Kids will love the Dinosaur Trail, which has over 100 life-size dinosaurs. There’s 8 total attractions at Moab Giants, including the dinosaur museum, virtual aquarium, and 3D theater. If you are interested in learning more about Utah’s rich history of dinosaur discovery, it’s definitely worth a visit to Moab Giants.

Are dogs allowed at Moab Giants?

No pets are allowed at Moab Giants. Only service animals are permitted.

How long should you spend at Moab Giants?

We spent two hours at Moab Giants and felt like we got to see the main attractions in sufficient detail. 

Where to Stay in Moab, Utah


When we visited Moab, we stayed at the Best Western Plus Canyonlands Inn. The hotel was centrally located in Moab, our rooms were great, and we really liked their pool. We especially liked that we were within walking distance to many of the shops and restaurants. We were traveling with our toddler, so it made it very convenient. We would definitely recommend this hotel to others!

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Local Guided Tours Near Moab

There are numerous outdoor recreational experiences in the Moab area. Booking a guided tour can give you a new experience, and your guide can you teach about the local history. 

Some tours in the Moab area to consider include:



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Summary: Our Visit to Moab Giants

We really enjoyed our visit to Moab Giants. Our daughter had a blast there, and it was the perfect family-friendly attraction in Moab. If you’re looking for something to do with the family near Moab, we recommend checking out Moab Giants. We hope this post was helpful in planning your trip to visit Moab Giants!

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