Hotel du Louvre, a 5-star Paris Hotel

Our Stay at the Hotel du Louvre in Paris (Full Review!)

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During our last trip to Paris, it was important for us to stay in a hotel that was centrally located. We planned on doing a lot of walking, and staying in the heart of Paris was a must for us. We would also be arriving to Paris after a 10-hour flight, so we knew we wanted to stay in an especially nice hotel as we recovered from jet-lag. After a lot of research, we decided that the Hotel du Louvre was the perfect hotel for our trip to Paris. In this post, we’re sharing our full review of the Hotel du Louvre. We hope that it’s helpful as you plan your own trip to the City of Light!

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About the Hotel du Louvre

The Hotel du Louvre is a 5-star hotel located in Paris. (To check the nightly rates at Hotel du Louvre, click here.) The Hotel du Louvre has 164 guest rooms, 58 of which are suites. The Hotel du Louvre was the first hotel in Paris to receive a 5-star rating, which it first earned in 1877. 

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Address: Pl. André Malraux, 75001 Paris, France

Phone: + 33 1 73 11 12 34

Hotel Website:

Hotel du Louvre, a 5-star Paris Hotel

Location of Hotel du Louvre


It was very easy for us to reach the Hotel du Louvre when we landed in Paris. We took a taxi from Charles de Gaulle airport to the Hotel du Louvre. We paid 53 euros for the trip. I can’t guarantee how much the taxi ride would cost you, but I included our price to help give you a general estimate of what to expect. (There were a couple of drivers in Paris that tried to charge us outrageous prices.)

One of the best things about the Hotel du Louvre is its location. The Hotel du Louvre is located in the famous First Arrondissment of Paris. As you can see from the map above, the Hotel du Louvre is located directly across from the Musee du Louvre. It’s also within walking distance of the Jardin des Tuileries, Palais Royal, Palais Garnier, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. 

Although you can walk to most of the top destinations in Paris from Hotel du Louvre, we personally took a quick taxi to see the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. 

During our trip to Paris, we never had to navigate the subway because our hotel was located in such a walkable area of the city!

Below is a photo of our view of the Louvre from our hotel room:

View of the Louvre from Hotel du Louvre

History of Hotel du Louvre

In 1855, many “grand hotels” were commissioned in Paris as the area surrounding the Louvre began to develop. The Grand Hotel du Louvre quickly became one of the largest and most grand hotels in the entire city. It was commissioned by Emperor Napoleon III himself. It was actually the first luxury hotel in Paris!

The hotel was relocated in 1877 to its current location in order to make more room for the Louvre.

Many famous guests have stayed at the hotel. These include:

  • Camille Pissarro: A famous impressionist painter. He stayed at the Hotel du Louvre for several months, and he painted some of his most famous works in his hotel room. (The views from the hotel are that good!) In total, he painted 11 masterpieces while staying at the hotel. As an example, he painted the famous “l’Avenue de l’Opera” (1898) while looking out his hotel room window. Today, the Hotel du Louvre has a suite named in the artist’s honor.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The famous author behind the Sherlock Holmes series. Sherlock Holmes, the fictional character, stayed in the Hotel du Louvre several times. There’s even a plaque at the hotel that honors Sherlock Holmes. If you’re a big Sherlock Holmes fan, it’s especially worth it to stay at the hotel!
  • Sigmund Freud: A famous psychologist. He wrote Leonardo da Vinci: A Memory of His Childhood in 1910. Freud stated that the essay was “the only beautiful thing I have ever written.” In this essay, he contemplates Mona Lisa’s smile and its significance for Leonardo de Vinci. 
  • Victor Hugo: A famous French romantic author. He wrote such great works as The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1831) and Les Misérables (1862). 
  • Jules Verne: A famous French author. He’s famous for writing numerous works, including Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870).

Today, if you visit the Hotel du Louvre, you will find that it has been extensively renovated. The refurbishment took two years, and the hotel re-opened in full grandeur in June of 2019

When you stay at the Hotel du Louvre, expect to see excellent views of Paris, numerous architectural moldings, and marble floors. 

Rooms at the Hotel du Louvre

There are a variety of guest rooms and suites to choose from at the hotel.

We stayed in a King Bed View Deluxe room. We could see the Louvre Museum from our window. One of my favorite memories at Hotel du Louvre is having a cup of coffee while watching a bright pink sunrise. We woke up early (because traveling with a toddler + jetlag), but it was worth it to see the sunrise over the city!

Sunrise in Paris
Enjoying the sunrise in Paris!


Our room had a king bed, a rain shower in the bathroom, and plush robes. There was a built-in closet that offered additional storage space. There was one chair in the corner, and the windows opened up to an outstanding view. There was space for us to just barely step out of the room and onto the railed ledge. The bathroom was small but luxurious. I really appreciated the heated towel rack. We also had a mini fridge which was helpful for storing snacks. We had a very comfortable stay at the Hotel du Louvre!

King beds can be hard to find sometimes in Europe, so we were glad to have a room with a king-sized bed. It worked perfect for our family!

Our room at the Hotel du Louvre, a 5-star hotel in Paris

Types of Guest Rooms at Hotel du Louvre:

  • 1 King Bed
  • 2 Twin Beds
  • 1 King Bed View
  • 2 Twin Beds View
  • 1 Queen Bed View
  • 1 King Bed Deluxe
  • 2 Twin Beds Deluxe
  • 1 King Bed View Deluxe
  • 2 Twin Beds View Deluxe
  • Family Room

Types of Suites at Hotel du Louvre:

  • Junior Suite
  • Junior Suite View
  • Family Suite
  • Family Suite with a View
  • Executive Suite View
  • Palais Royal Suite
  • Louvre Suite
  • Pissarro Suite
  • Suite Empire
  • Family Corner Suite

Amenities at Hotel du Louvre

The Hotel du Louvre has numerous amenities. Here’s some of the things that especially stood out to us:

  • Excellent views: We had a beautiful view of the Louvre from our King bedroom. Many of the guest rooms have views of the Louvre or the Opera Garnier.
  • Fitness Center: If you’re the type of person that works out on vacation, the hotel does have a fitness center. We sometimes work out on vacation, but this trip was all about eating croissants and crepes… pretty much the opposite of fitness! (Although we did do a lot of walking!)
  • Rooms with King Beds: Finding hotels in Europe with king-sized beds can occasionally be a challenge. We really liked that we were able to reserve a King bed, because there was room for my husband, our daughter, and myself. 
  • Cozy Library: There’s a sitting room with books right above the lobby. It’s a nice place to sit down and rest for awhile.
  • Artwork: Colorful and playful artwork by Emmanuel Pierre is found throughout the building.

Dining Options at Hotel du Louvre

Brasserie du Louvre – Bocuse

This brasserie features classic French cuisine. The bright dining room is styled as a traditional French bistro. There are red seats and white tablecloths. 

Officine du Louvre

This beautiful bar is located just past the hotel’s lobby. When you enter Officine du Louvre, you’ll feel as if you stepped into an oasis. You’ll notice a lot of fresh plants decorating the space, and there’s also a lot of natural lighting due to the beautiful glass roof. The glass roof was re-discovered by a construction worker during a previous renovation. Can you imagine that this beautiful room was hiding for years?!

Many of the cocktails feature fresh herbs, which was inspired by Napoleon’s III interest in botany. The bar was closed during our visit, so we will have to check it out the next time we visit Paris.

Bar at Hotel du Louvre
Officine du Louvre

Room Service at the Hotel du Louvre

We ordered room service on our first night, because we were pretty certain our toddler would fall asleep at a restaurant. We wanted to be able to have a relaxed meal in our room, where we could start the bedtime routine if we needed to. We ordered room service, and everything we ordered was delicious!

In-room dining from Hotel du Louvre

Nearby Restaurants

Because Hotel du Louvre is situated in such a central location, there are tons of restaurants, cafes, patisseries, and brasseries nearby. The concierge recommended Le Cafe Plume to us, but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to dine there because there weren’t as many kid-friendly options. 

We had breakfast at Cafe Palais Royal one morning, and enjoyed a croissant, omelette, toast, and creme brûlée. (Yes we ordered creme brûlée at 8am. It was our last morning in Paris and we weren’t leaving without trying some!)

Creme Brulee at Cafe Palais Royal in Paris
The most delicious Creme Brulee at Cafe Palais Royal!


A classic French omelette served at Cafe Palais Royal in Paris
A delicious French omelette at Cafe Palais Royal


On our way to the Louvre one night, we stopped by Cafe de Paris. We beat the dinner rush by dining early, and luckily we were able to get a table. By the time we were finished eating, the cafe was completely packed! We ordered French Onion Soup, a Croque Madame sandwich, a pizza, and a glass of champagne. It was all delicious!

A glass of French champagne at Cafe de Paris
A glass of champagne at Cafe de Paris


French onion soup served at Cafe de Paris
French onion soup served at Cafe de Paris


We had dinner at Cafe Saint Honore. I ordered a cheese plate and a glass of wine. (That counts as dinner on vacation, right? I did an Instagram poll on this subject and it was actually a mixed bag. You can find me on Instagram here.) My husband had a croque monsieur. There was no wait for a table, and we had excellent service.

French cheeses served at Cafe Saint Honore
French cheeses served at Cafe Saint Honore


For dessert, we picked up pastries at Aux CastelBlangeois. The raspberry tartlette was one of our favorite desserts from our whole trip in Paris! (And trust me, we ate a lot of desserts!)

Raspberry Tarlette from Aux CastelBlangeois in Paris
Raspberry Tarlette from Aux CastelBlangeois

Service at the Hotel du Louvre

One thing that really stood out about our stay at the Hotel du Louvre was the outstanding service.

We first arrived to the hotel after taxing a taxi from the airport. We had just completed a 10 hour flight, went through customs, and caught a 45-minute taxi into Paris. We were all exhausted. As soon as our taxi arrived, the hotel staff immediately assisted with our luggage and helped us to the front desk. 

When we checked in at the front desk, I was very pleased to learn that my request for an early check-in was available. I can’t guarantee they can do that with everyone, but I was very relived that we could just go to our hotel and refresh ourselves.

Shortly after we arrived to our room, we heard a knock on the door. One of the hotel staff brought in some treats for us. It was such a nice welcome!

That night, when our daughter woke up in the early hours of the morning (because of the change of hours), we went downstairs to see if we could find a late-night restaurant. Unfortunately there was nothing available within walking distance. The front desk staff, however, put together a bag of complimentary snacks for us to hold us over until breakfast. It was incredibly thoughtful and appreciated!

Free treats from Hotel du Louvre

Is the Hotel du Louvre Family-Friendly?

We found the Hotel du Louvre to be an extremely family-friendly place to stay!

As you can tell from our story above, the staff went out of their way to make sure our daughter was comfortable. The concierge was quick to help us with family-friendly places to eat and visit as well.

We had requested a crib, which was immediately brought to our hotel room.

The staff were also very patient as our daughter passed through the revolving glass door multiple times. Our daughter was also a big fan of the glass elevator near the back of the building. She called it “the secret elevator.”

Although we didn’t personally book a suite, the hotel has family-friendly suites with bunk beds and toys.  

If you’re planning to visit Paris with young children, we found this to be a really family-friendly hotel.

Summary: Our Stay at the Hotel du Louvre

We had planned a trip to Spain to visit family in 2020. As you can probably guess, that trip was canceled due to covid. When we re-booked our trip in 2022, we booked direct flights to Paris. We decided to stay in Paris for a few days to see the sights (my husband had never been!), and we also spent 5 days at Disneyland Paris. 

I’ve been to Paris on 4 different occasions over the years, and I always enjoy spending time in the city. There’s always something new to see! But honestly, my favorite part about Paris is finding a cafe, ordering a croissant and an espresso, and people-watching. 

For this trip to Paris, we brought our 3-year-old daughter. Spending time in Paris with a young child would be a whole new ball game! Thankfully, Paris is one of the most family-friendly places we have visited. There are tons of public playgrounds, and everyone was so friendly and patient with us. Our trip to Paris was a big hit, and we are so glad we added Paris to our itinerary!

We had an excellent stay at Hotel du Louvre, and we would highly recommend the hotel to others. Some of the biggest advantages of staying there included its excellent location, the wonderful service from the staff, and the views from the hotel. I try to include at least one disadvantage in the spirit of having an honest review. Truthfully, the only downside I can think from our experience was that the hotel room was a bit small. (Although that’s not unusual for staying in the city.) Even so, we were still able to fit a crib and a stroller in our room. The hotel also does not have a swimming pool or spa, if those are important amenities for you. We knew that we would be out walking around the full day, so we didn’t miss having a pool at all.

We hope that this post helps you plan your own trip to Paris! If you stay at the Hotel du Louvre, we hope you enjoy your stay too!

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