The Edmonds Farmers Market: Food, Crafts, and More!

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suIf you’re in Edmonds during the spring or summer, you have to check out the Edmonds Museum Summer Market. The Edmonds Farmers Market occurs every Saturday, and there are approximately 90 vendors at the market. We love visiting farmers markets, and the Edmonds Farmers Market was no exception! In this post, we’ll share all about our visit to the Edmonds Farmers Market.

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About Edmonds

Edmonds, Washington, is a city located about 15 miles north of Seattle. It’s the perfect day trip from Seattle if you are visiting the Pacific Northwest! The city has stunning views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains across the water. It’s also home to one of the state’s ferry terminals, with daily ferry crossings across the Puget Sound to the town of Kingston.


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Brackett's landing edmonds
Sunset at Brackett’s Landing

About the Edmonds Museum Summer Market

The Edmonds Farmers Market occurs Saturdays during the spring and summer. For the 2022 year, the dates are May 7 through October 8.

The market is open from 9am until 2pm.

All vendors are required to make their own products in Washington State. There are no re-sellers or franchises at this market.

There are public restrooms located off of 5th Avenue North. 

Sour Cherry pastry from Snohomish Bakery at First & Union
Sour Cherry pastry from Snohomish Bakery at First & Union

How to Get to the Edmonds Farmers Market


The market takes place in downtown Edmonds. The market begins where 5th Avenue North crosses Main Street (by the water fountain in the roundabout). The market continues north to Bell Street and ends by the Centennial Plaza.

Downtown Edmonds
The market starts near this roundabout


For parking, there are different lots available nearby, as well as street parking. During our last visit, we found street parking just a 2-minute walk away. 

How We Spent the Day at the Edmonds Farmers Market

When we visited the Edmonds Farmers Market, it was a beautiful spring day. It was the market’s opening day, and there were plenty of people happily walking about enjoying all the market has to offer.

If you’ve followed our blog, you know that we love farmers markets! The Ballard Farmers Market is one of our favorites, and we wrote all about it here. We were excited that the Edmonds Farmers Market was open, and we were eager to see which vendors would be present. Our favorite thing to do at the market is eat, so we arrived hungry!

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Please note: Vendors may change on any given market day. We’re describing the vendors that were present during our visit.

Vespucci Pizza

Vezpucci Pizza at the Edmonds Farmers Market

We first stopped by Vespucci Pizza. Their pizza was incredible! I was first drawn to their booth because I heard them speaking Italian. There is nothing better than an authentic Italian pizza! They cook all their pizzas in a wood-fire oven. The line to order was fairly long, but I took that as a good sign. (I even saw Rick Steves in line, so that’s got to say something!) Both men working there were were extremely kind and took the time to slice my daughter’s pizza into smaller sections. The pizza itself was delicious. I’d highly recommend stopping by their booth if they are present!

Sage on the Mountain

Sage on the Mountain at the Edmonds Farmers Market

My friend Sarah runs Sage on the Mountain, and I can personally attest to her soaps! She’s been making soaps since 2010 and has perfected the process. She seeks out the most unrefined oils and she sources local ingredients whenever possible. I’ve personally purchased her soaps, bath salts, and salt scrubs. My favorite soap is the Whimsical Bar (juniper berry, lavender, eucalyptus, and rose geranium scents). My husband’s favorite is the Woodsy Bar (cedar wood, clary sage, and fir needle scents). If you can’t make it to the market, you can order from her Etsy shop

Snohomish Bakery at First & Union

Apple Fritter at Edmonds Farmers Market

After pizza, we were in the mood for something sweet. The Snohomish Bakery at First & Union cart was right next to the pizza one, so we waited in line for some sweet treats. We ordered their blueberry muffin, a sour cherry turnover, and an apple fritter. The apple fritter was our favorite! The bakery also had lots of breads, bars, cookies, and scones.

Seattle Pops

Seattle Pops at the Edmonds Farmers Market

Because it was a sunny day, we also decided to indulge in a handmade popsicle from Seattle Pops. Our daughter ordered the chocolate and banana flavor. It was really, really good. It also didn’t melt super fast, which was perfect for our toddler!

Other Vendors We Saw

Edmonds Farmers Market
Glass art from Everbloomin Glass Flowers


In addition to the vendors listed above, we saw lots of crafters, jewelers, and additional food stands. We saw booths selling fresh produce, kettle corn, donuts, caramels, toffee, chocolates, honey, and hot dogs.

Edmonds Farmers Market
You can find these at the Beth Wright Designs booth


We also saw lots of hand-blown glass, fresh-cut flowers, jewelry items, and kitchen essentials.

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Where to Stay in Edmonds

There is a Best Western Plus Edmonds Harbor Inn that is located within walking distance to the beach. The hotel has an outdoor pool and a fitness center.  

What to Bring to the Edmonds Farmers Market

We recommend that you bring a few things with you to the market:

  • Tote: Bring a re-usable tote for you to carry all of your purchases. If you forgot to bring one, we saw totes that you can purchase at the market. (They’re a bit expensive, but proceeds benefit the market.)
  • Comfortable Shoes: Wear your favorite comfortable shoes as you stroll through the market. Brooks brand has been my personal favorite!
  • Water Bottle: Bring a water bottle so you have a drink handy, especially if you want to eat at the market. 
  • Power Bank: We always keep a fully-charged power bank with us while we’re out exploring. That way, if our phone battery is running low, we can easily plug it in. 
  • Cash: There’s often lots of live music at the market. We like to bring cash to tip the musicians. Most of the vendors accept credit cards, but having cash on hand is nice for tips.


(Click on any of the above images for pricing and shipping information.)

Nearby Activities in Edmonds

There’s plenty of other fun things to see in Edmonds when you’re finished at the market. Here’s a few places we recommend visiting:

  • Brackett’s Landing: Right next to the Edmonds ferry dock is a small beach park called Brackett’s Landing. The portion south of the dock is called Brackett’s Landing South, and the portion above the ferry dock is called Brackett’s Landing North. This park has a marine sanctuary, a small pathway along the waterfront, a picnic area, and some public art.
  • Olympic Beach Park: This beach is located in the heart of Edmonds and is our favorite place to go when we visit! There’s a paved pathway for a short stroll along the water, or you can take the stairs down to the water. It’s the perfect place to throw down a blanket and watch the ferry come and go.
  • Rick Steves’ Travel Center: Did you know that Rick Steves lives in Edmonds, Washington? The famous travel writer and TV host has a Travel Center in downtown Edmonds. The Travel Center contains a large store with Rick Steves’ books and accessories, free travel classes, information about their guided tours, and a library filled with hundreds of travel books. 

Restaurants Near the Edmonds Farmers Market

If you’re looking for a sit-down restaurant, here’s a few places within walking distance of the market:



The Edmonds Farmers Market is a perfect Saturday activity. The market is filled with awesome vendors, and the market is within walking distance to the beach and downtown Edmonds. 

In comparison to the Ballard Farmers Market, we thought that there were less meal choices during our visit. (The Edmonds Farmers Market had pizza or hot dogs to choose from, while the Ballard Farmers Market had dozens of food stalls.) The Edmonds Farmers Market, however, had lots of hand-blown glass art.

We hope this article inspires you to visit the Edmonds Farmers Market as well!

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