Our Guide to the Best Restaurants in Leavenworth

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The alpine town of Leavenworth, Washington, has it all: Access to year-round outdoor recreation activities, a thriving arts community, and a pretty awesome food scene. In this post, we share some of the best restaurants in Leavenworth!

Thousands of people visit Leavenworth either as a basecamp for exploring the Cascade Mountains, or as a pit-stop as they make their way driving across the state on Highway 2. Whether you’re planning to spend multiple days in Leavenworth, or just an hour, you’ll want to try at least one of these restaurants. This list includes our picks for the best restaurants in Leavenworth!

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munchen haus
Dinner at Munchen Haus

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Map of Restaurants

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Below are our recommendations for the best restaurants in Leavenworth. (Ranked in no particular order!)

1. Munchen Haus

Address: 709 Front St, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Our favorite place to stop for a quick bite to eat in Leavenworth is Munchen Haus. We’ve never had to wait longer than 15 minutes for our order. They serve an extensive list of bratwursts, and you can customize the toppings: grilled onions, raw onions, sauerkraut, and at least a dozen different types of mustard. Every time we go, we get the Bavarian Pretzel, which is served warm with a side of cheese sauce. (And this isn’t plastic-like cheese, they use Beecher’s cheese to make the sauce!) We recommend you order a second side of the cheese sauce. This has been our favorite German pretzel so far.

We’ve tried a variety of their bratwursts, and we’ve narrowed it down to two favorites: the BIG BOB Bratwurst and the Dirtyface Beer Wurst. They also serve kielbasa, jalapeno and cheddar sausage, vegan beyond sausage, a veggie wurst, and many others!

The seating is all outdoors. During the summer, there are large umbrellas and rooftop overhangs to provide shade. During the cooler months, they have heat warmers and tables with gas firetops. 

Although they have excellent food, they’re also popular for their beer garden! They serve up local favorites from Icicle Brewing Company. Definitely order a pint or a stein while you are there. (Their glasses are also available for purchase.)

The last time we went (in August 2021), they had mobile ordering set up. So, if there’s a line to order, you can skip the line. Just choose a table and order using their QR code. It’s definitely one of the best restaurants in Leavenworth. Enjoy!

Dirtyface Beer Wurst
Dirtyface Beer Wurst


2. Heidleburger Drive In

Address: 12708 US-2, Leavenworth, WA 98826

The Heidleburger Drive In was established in 1970, and since then, locals have enjoyed their burgers and milkshakes. Their menu is filled with different variations of sandwiches and burgers. In addition to double cheeseburgers and crispy chicken sandwiches, they have menu items such as the Chipotle Burger, South of the Border Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and Teriyaki Grilled Chicken. They also serve classics such as fish and chips, grilled cheese sandwiches, and corn dogs. 

Their milkshakes also look amazing! Current flavors are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, peanut butter, root beer, caramel, banana, blackberry, and raspberry.

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8. Mana

Address: 1033 Commercial St, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Mana is a special dining experience. On the weekends (Friday through Saturday), they serve a five-course prixe-fixe menu that lasts approximately two hours. Reservations are required, and they do charge you if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice. They have a rotating menu that focuses on local organic ingredients. 

9. Watershed Cafe

Address: 221 8th St, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Watershed Cafe is a farm-to-table restaurant in downtown Leavenworth. It’s a bit pricey, but it focuses on local ingredients. We haven’t tried this restaurant yet, but we’d like to check it out the next time we are in Leavenworth. We are including it on this list because it has received so many good reviews.

10. Baren Haus

Address: 901 Front St, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Also located on Front Street is Baren Haus. They serve German entrees and sandwiches. They also have a special menu with burgers and steaks from their charbroiler. 

11. Ludwig’s

Address: 921 Front St, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Ludwig’s restaurant, located on Front Street, has an excellent location and features authentic German cuisine. They frequently have live music, which might include an accordion player or some polka music. They also have a biergarten!

12. Gustav’s

Address: 617 U.S. Rte 2, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Gustav’s is another one of my favorite restaurants in Leavenworth. I have dined here many times with friends as we road-tripped through Leavenworth. Gustav’s is one of the first restaurants that you’ll see as you drive through town. The menu focuses on German fare and they are styled like an authentic German pub.

13. Icicle Brewing Company

Address: 935 Front St, Leavenworth, WA 98826

One of the best hangout spots in Leavenworth is Icicle Brewing Company. It’s always hoppin’ when we visit! In addition to frosty beers, this brewery serves classic pub fare. 

14. Posthotel

Address: 309 8th St, Leavenworth, WA 98826

*This one only counts if you are staying at the Posthotel. (The meals are for hotel guests only.)

BUT, I’m including it because the food there was really outstanding. We recently stayed at the Posthotel for the first time to celebrate our anniversary, and we recommend that you stay there the next chance you get! Breakfast, lunch, and an evening dessert are all included in the hotel nightly rate. For each meal, you have your choice of dining outside on the terrace, inside in the dining room, or taking the meal up to your room. You are provided a menu with half a dozen or so choices, and you can even choose more than one meal if you’d like! We stayed at the Posthotel and had a total of four meals and two desserts while we were there. They were all delicious!

We wrote a full review about the Posthotel here, and a second post with more details on the Posthotel’s complimentary offerings here.

beautiful lunch

Sweet Treats in Leavenworth

15. The Gingerbread Factory

Address: 829 Front St, Leavenworth, WA 98826

It’s Christmas all-year long at The Gingerbread Factory! Of course you’ll find delicious gingerbread cookies, but you’ll also find plenty of iced sugar cookies, pastries, cinnamon rolls, and homemade breads. Everything in their dessert case looked delicious.

The gingerbread is soft and beautifully decorated with royal icing. If you don’t want a full dessert, you can order one of their “tiny tots” (mini gingerbread cookies). If you’d prefer to decorate your own cookies but don’t want to do the baking, you can order one of their naked gingerbread men (“skinny dippers”). 

The Gingerbread Factory is located in the center of all the action: Front Street.

The Gingerbread Factory in Leavenworth

16. Danish Bakery

Address: 731 Front St, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Also located right on Front Street is the Danish Bakery. The Danish Bakery has three different types of strudel (cherry, apple, and raspberry cream cheese), which is the perfect Bavarian treat. They also often serve croissants, cinnamon bread, and Bavarian waffles. Be sure to hop in and grab several of their pastries!

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17. Whistlepunk Ice Cream Co.

Address: 707 US-2 Suite C, Leavenworth, WA 98826

It’s always a good time for ice cream, and the place to go in Leavenworth is Whistlepunk Ice Cream Co. They make small-batch premium ice creams all from scratch. We have seen a line out their door every time we have been to Leavenworth!

Whistlepunk Ice Cream Co
Ice cream at Whistlepunk Ice Cream Co.


18. Schocolat

Address: 843 Front St, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Is there anything better than chocolate? The chocolate counter at Schocolat is filled with delectable chocolates such as Bavarian milk, brandied pear, bernadettes, and burnt caramel salted almond ganache. Make sure to take some home with you too!

Best Leavenworth Bars

If you’re looking to drink, here’s our list of the best bars in Leavenworth:

  • Icicle Brewing Company: This is one of the most popular pubs in Leavenworth. This rustic bar has both indoor and outdoor seating. They brew their own beers, which you can find listed on menus throughout the town of Leavenworth.
  • Rhein Haus: This is a Bavarian restaurant and bar. Grab a beer and order a pretzel.
  • Blue Spirits Distilling: Choose spirits from their tasting menu or a cocktail from the bar menu. 
  • Munchen Haus: Enjoy outdoor seating in their beer garden. 
  • The Loft: This popular bar started off in a loft, hence its name. They serve craft beers and locally-inspired cocktails. 
  • Bushel and Bee Taproom: Enjoy meads, beers, and ciders at this bar. We recommend ordering a tasting flight.
  • Pika Provisions: This bar is a hidden gem. Order one of their custom craft cocktails. 
  • Doghaus Brewery: This nano-craft brewery is very dog-friendly. (And kid-friendly too!)
  • Leavenworth Cider House: If you’re a fan of ciders, be sure to order a tasting flight here. 
  • Blewett Brewing Company: Order pizza and a brew at this local brewery.
  • Stein: This beer hall has 55 taps of beer and a seasonally-inspired menu. 
  • Woodsman Pub: The Woodsman Pub is located within the Bavarian Lodge, one of our favorite places to stay in Leavenworth. 
  • Patterson Cellars: Specializing in wine, we especially enjoyed their frosé during the summer. 


What are the best German restaurants in Leavenworth?

There are several restaurants in Leavenworth that serve German food. Andreas Keller Restaurant is one of the most popular German restaurants. Munchen Haus also serves German fare, with outdoor seating only. Ludwig’s also serves German food and has an authentic biergarten. Finally, Baren Haus has a German food menu that serves things like bratwurst and schnitzel. Also be sure to check out Rhein Haus, which has a full menu of German food!

What food is Leavenworth known for?

Leavenworth is known for its German fare! You’ll find lots of pretzels, bratwurst, and schnitzel at this Bavarian-inspired town. Leavenworth is also known for all things Christmas. They have a bakery that serves gingerbread cookies all year long!

Is Leavenworth cheesy?

Any time a whole city decides on a “theme”, you might be asking yourself if it will be a super-cheesy experience. In our experience, Leavenworth is anything but cheesy. The decor is right on-point, and with the mountains as a backdrop, it really does feel like you are in Germany. 

How many days should I spend in Leavenworth?

We would recommend spending at least three nights in Leavenworth. That will give you plenty of time to enjoy the town and its restaurants. If you can add on a half day or another full day, that will give you the opportunity to explore the mountains surrounding Leavenworth. Our hike to Colchuck Lake was one of our favorite Leavenworth memories!

Is Leavenworth walkable?

Leavenworth is an extremely walkable city. Most of the restaurants and shops are located around Front Street. There are also tons of hotels in Leavenworth that are within walking distance to Front Street, so once you’re there, you don’t need a car to see most of the sights!

What restaurants in Leavenworth have outdoor seating?

You can find outdoor seating at many Leavenworth restaurants. These include Munchen Haus, Heidleburger Drive In, 59er Diner, Icicle Brewing Company, and more.

Where to Stay in Leavenworth


Here are our favorite places to stay in Leavenworth:

  • Posthotel: The Posthotel is located in downtown Leavenworth and faces the Wenatchee River. The nightly stay includes a number of complimentary items and experiences, including breakfast, lunch, and dessert. (We wrote a full post about our hotel stay here, and another post about the complimentary aspects here.) The main draw to this hotel, though, is the Pool and Wellness Center. There are over 7 saunas and steam rooms, a number of pools, and an indoor and outdoor hot tub. We wrote a full post about why we think it’s Washington’s best romantic getaway. (Please note that this hotel is adults-only.) You can make reservations here.
  • Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort: The Sleeping Lady is more secluded and is a luxurious forest retreat. They have a beautiful pool, sauna, and a number of trails through the woods. The nightly rate includes breakfast and dinner. We wrote all about our stay at the Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort here. You can make reservations here
  • Bavarian Lodge: We recently stayed at the Bavarian Lodge and really appreciated that it was located right next to Front Street! (Full hotel review here.) You can make reservations here

For a full list of places to stay in Leavenworth, click here.



What to Bring for Your Trip to Leavenworth

Whether you visit Leavenworth in the summer or the winter (or anywhere in between), here’s a few things we recommend when traveling:

We also recommend traveling with the following:

If you plan on going hiking, be sure to read our post on the 10 Essentials to know what to bring with you. If you have a baby or toddler, you might be interested in our favorite baby travel products!


Our favorite thing to do in Leavenworth is eat! Here’s a summary of our guide to some of the best restaurants in Leavenworth:

  • Munchen Haus
  • Heidleburger Drive In
  • 59er Diner
  • Wildflour
  • Larch
  • Andreas Keller Restaurant
  • Rhein Haus
  • Gustav’s
  • Mana
  • Watershed Cafe
  • Ludwig’s
  • Baren Haus
  • Posthotel (*If you’re a guest)
  • The Gingerbread Factory
  • Danish Bakery
  • Whistlepunk Ice Cream Co.
  • Schocolat

We hope you enjoyed these recommendations for the best restaurants in Leavenworth! And if you’re headed to the nearby town of Chelan, you might enjoy our post on the 18 Best Restaurants in Chelan.

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